September 23, 2018

The first thing you should know about me is that I'm a hopeless romantic. That I swoon over couples holding hands in public places, romantic comedies are my favourite pictures and Nicholas Sparks books lineup the bookshelf in my apartment.

So this next thing I'm going to say might appear as a tiny jolt: I feel that the word "LOVE" can be used too much and frequently incorrectly in relationships today.


Now hear me out to get a second, saying "I like you" is very important but it is more important to actually mean what you state. Love can also be just as Critical since a number of the values given below.

Can I Coldhearted? No. Maybe somewhat sour? Possibly, but that doesn't alter the simple fact that people now use the word "LOVE" such as it is any other word in the dictionary, such as pizza or Toronto as an example.


Sometimes we lose sight of what is crucial because we presume adoring someone is your sole reason to be in a romantic relationship, however, it's maybe not. Listed below are the values that I think are somewhat more important than love to get a relationship to function out.

1. Trust

Trust is among the main things in a romance. If you do not expect that the person that you're with, then it is typically not a healthy, stable relationship and you also likely feel insecure about it. Trust develops stronger with the years and will definitely be assembled - a deficiency of confidence early in the partnership just means there was work to do.

2. Honesty

Being honest and fair is major in regards to relationships. A relationship built on false trust and white lies will only crumble in the long run, however far you love the other person. Becoming frank leads to good communicating, that may fortify many aspects of a connection.

3. Respect

Regardless of sounding just like a cliché, love can be binding particularly when it regards self-worth. No quantity of love is worth stopping who you are and the respect you have earned. Love isn't a justification for disrespect or abuse. Partners have to be respectful of one another and who they have been for a healthy relationship to cultivate.

4. Communication

Communication is key in any relationship to specify bounds. You need it expressing feelings, expectations, and needs. You will need it to solve conflicts and you even want it when it has to do with closeness. Without good communication, how do such a thing at the relationship be evident and the remaining values be strengthened?

5. Loyalty

This 1 is up there together with confidence. If there isn't the loyalty to stay loyal to your partner and also the relationship then are you in a relationship at all? Loyalty functions as a foundation in relationships to get other values such as those on this particular list. You've got to actually would like to be in a romance and devote to it in order for it to do the job.

6. Happiness

Alright to be reasonable, you cannot be joyful all the time, however, it is what everybody wants and deserves regardless. Relationships aren't always sunshine and rainbows, but the happy times should outweigh the unhappy ones. Being happy is truly important in a relationship and in the event that you're unhappy then now is the time to proceed.

7. Compromise

Relationships are about to give and take. If a partner only takes and never gives, something is likely to break. Healthy connections need compromise as a way to work and to establish happiness between both partners.

8. Safety

If you do not feel safe with your spouse then you aren't in the perfect relationship. There is nothing more significant than your safety and security. Love would make it hard, but it's not worth it if you are being abused in any way. If you are not safe then how can you possibly be joyful?

9. Freedom

Many couples eat, sleep, breathe and live together - and that is fine! However, it is necessary to have time and distance away from the significant other every now and again. Even in the event that you have hobbies or genuinely enjoy spending as much time as possible collectively, you shouldn't reserve your own identity for anyone.

10. Partnership

Along with having individual distance, you also need to become strong like a couple. You aren't really a mother or a nurse or even a maid (even though you can play with these roles occasionally), you are an equal partner in the connection of course if you are not being treated therefore then that is an issue. Both are those who should come together as a team to keep the same playing area.