November 08, 2018

I love winter

It is my favorite season of all year, I love the cool snow falling down leaving little bits of shiny white flakes on my hair, cheery family gatherings during the holidays, my children all excited the for the festivities and the cold, oh, the cold!
The cool, chilling climate of this time of the year has always been magical to me; for me, nothing beats a afternoon at home on cold winter’s day.
Just feeling the winter’s chills on my skins has always been enough to put me on a good mood, from totally relaxed and cool headed to lay-on-the-couch-and-do-nothing-all-day mood, the cool climate of the winter makes me feel my house so quiet and relaxed that I sometimes “accidentally forget” to turn the heat on.
But if there is one place in your whole house I don’t ever let it go cold, girl, that’s my bedroom.


No, ma’am.

I make extra sure the temperature there stays “Miami’s-Summer-Hot” all year-round, and so should you too.
“Why not?” <- more likely. A pretty active sex-life can do wonders for you, not only in the spur of the moment, with that rush of adrenaline from feeling so desperately desired by your lover that you love so very much (come on, don’t lie J)
Now, while getting it on might seem quite easy and “duh, just do it” for younger people out here, long-term cohabitation is a little different.
The fact is, having your loved one at arm’s reach every day creates this sense of familiarity that can kill the passion and urgency that make desire so irresistible.
Add to this the responsibilities that having kids and a career to tend to, and it is really an achievement that you’ve got time to take care of yourself at all, let alone of your relationship.


But, fear not!

Getting that flame back on is as easy as to shake things up once in a while. How? I’m glad you asked.
One of the best way to do that is to introduce a little anarchy and get kinky when strolling into your bedroom, where your lover awaits, wearing some just-out-of the-box fresh lingerie items to get him running into fourth gear in little more than a second.
And why does lingerie work? Easy.






Men are such visual creatures that just the sight of you in a new suggestive, skimpy piece of fabric with some gorgeous seams and kinky laces is enough to send them into a maddening, frenzied urge to get right down to your business right there and then.
Just showing off your curves and forms on a couple of new nightwear outfit will have you getting all that attention and excitement like it was the first time together. Promised!
I’ve personally found that outfits like the Midnight Seduction Lace and Sexy Floral Babydoll Set work like a charm to get my faithful lover to become a zealous worshipper of mine that cannot, for the life off him, stop *ahem* “praying” *ahem to this Goddess that just walked in front of him showing off this robes ☺☺☺
Also, if you are a stylish girl that always  likes to look classy even when getting naughty you can never go wrong with some stunning corset pieces (like this one and, OMG, this one!), which accents to your figure guarantee every curve of your get the all attention they deserve ♥.
The best part that is still you behind that tiny, little fabric, no need for hard work on a treadmill nor surgery to look like Kim K.
No ma’am, just the good ol’ charm of suggestion and sexual appeal, talk about an easy solution ;-)
With all this seductive options, a cold season will never come to pass in your bedroom again, no matter what time of the year is it.