Kratos Procircle S-I Speed Rope 2.0

Kratos ProCircle S-1 BALLISTIC Ball-Bearing SPEED ROPE 2.0
Quality Craftsmanship, Handmade With Care

The Kratos S-1 Ballistic Ball-Bearing Speed Rope 2.0 is the high-performance, adjustable jump rope of choice for athletes, trainers, and gym owners who demand the best. Made using aircraft-grade aluminum and a 3/32” red-coated speed cable, Version 2.0 of the S-also introduces a high-speed, ball-bearing swivel design, allowing the rope to move seamlessly in any direction.

The exterior of the tapered handles has been updated, as well, and includes a sandblast textured spindle with a fine, knurl-textured grip. Both of the 5.75” handles feature a built-in, laser-cut ProCircle logo endcap in white.

When it comes to quality construction, blazing speed, and a smooth spin, the Kratos S-1 Ballistic Speed Rope knows few rivals. Get your double under's up, hit new PRs, then come back and do it again tomorrow.


  • NEW Bearing Swivel for omnidirectional movement
  • NEW Tapered Handle Design: Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Sandblast texture finish
  • Handle Length: 5.75”
  • NEW Grip: Fine Knurl Texture, 5/8” diameter
  • Cable: 120" Coated 3/32" speed cable. (Black handle comes with a red cable, all other colored handles come with a clear coated cable.)
  • Adjustable end
  • Recommend use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
  • Recommend 2.3mm - Standard speed rope cable
  • Recommend the 2.3mm Adjustable Screws


Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to extremely high demand.